Moon Jewelry Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (DCD)Part 6
First Appearance (Anime)Aikatsu! Galaxy Episode 47
Moon Jewelry Coord (ムーンジュエリーコーデ) is a sexy-type, rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen. It made its anime debut in Episode 47 of Aikatsu: Galaxy!, and it first appearance in Data Cardass Aikatsu! in Part 6.


Moon Jewelry Blouse

A white silk top with the chest cut low to reveal the cyan lace tank-top beneath it. The white tank top is decorated with many small aquamarines, sapphires, and white diamonds, while the cyan tank top has alternating sapphires and white pearls at every wave. Comes with a matching necklace with silver ornaments hanging from it.

Moon Jewelry Skirt

A long and flowing white pleat silk skirt with royal blue trim lining it. Several brightly colored gemstones are sewn to the skirt.

Moon Jewelry Pumps

Cyan pumps with purple, indigo, and magenta gems that are shaped like a flower, attached to the top of the foot. Three thin neon blue chains are pulled from below the flower shape and connect to matching colored gems circling the ankle.

White Star Barrette

A sparkly white 5-point star with two off-cyan swirly horns coming off of each point. Three white chains hang from the star, and three beads, one magenta, one violet, and one turquoise are hanging on the chain in that order.