Chiaro di Luna Moon Sister Coord Sun Sister Coord

The Moon Sister Coord (ムーンシスターコーデ?) is a coord made by Black&White. It is the counterpart to the Sun Sister Coord. The coord is used by Hioka Sakura and is the unit coord for Chiaro di Luna.



The coord consits of a two piece; a dark grey top. The sleeve on the left shoulder goes over the shoulder, while the other one hangs beneath it. The sleeves are purple colored. at the left side of the top's chest, there is a purple ribbon with pink cords so it looks like the top is laced at this part. It also includes two finger free gloves with magenta bracelets over it. The end of the top has a frilly layer.

The skirt of the coord has the same color as the top with a purple-blueish belt at the beginning. Under the dark grey skirt, there is another skirt layer which is dark purple and a frilly layer is attached to it. The boots of the coord are dark grey and have a light purple layer over them. And dark purple stockings with a light blue line.

The Accesory looks like a crescent together with a circle attacked to a purple ribbon.