Moonbeam Artemis Coord
BrandMajestic Tiara
RarityPremium Rare
First AppearanceEpisode 50: Empress of the Stars
User(s)Tsukiko Kanzaki
Moonbeam Artemis Coord ( ビームムーン アルテミス) is Tsukiko's third premium rare dress and Majestic Tiara's Olympian Premium Rare dress. In the anime, Tsukiko used this dress during the finals of the Starlight Queen Cup.


Moonbeam Artemis Top

A pale yellow tank top with intricate white designs coming from the left and right sides. Near the neck, there is a single, light blue crescent moon shaped aquamarine with an intricate design. The sleeves are also pale yellow, go down to the elbows, and have many white sparkles all over them, and the sections of the sleeves are kept together by golden bands. Comes with white gloves that have five small sapphires, put on the glove in the shape of a star.

Moonbeam Artemis Skirt

A large, fancy, dark blue skirt that begins as white on top, the white piece being adorned with several small dark blue jewels. The blue part makes up the rest of the skirt, having three varying shades of blue for each layer, and the ones in the middle have small magenta jewels on them.

Moonbeam Artemis Heels

Dark Blue high heel shoes where the "ribbon" leading down to the shoes is made of pearls and wraps around the ankles. At the top of the heel there is a white, crescent moon decoration on both of the shoes. The bottom of the heels are thick gold.

Moonbeam Artemis Tiara

A silver tiara decorated with many magenta gems, On the top it's decorated with a single magenta diamond and four blue diamond gems. Comes with big angelic wings with peach pink coloring grading to sky blue at the middle along with a small white vine pattern with crescent moon in the middle of the pattern. Also comes with small pale white moon stud earrings.