Run my way!! Go sensation
Episode 01
Episode Information
Kanji Run my way!! Go センセーション
Romaji Run my way!! Go sensation
Air date May 28th, 2016
Insert Song Original Star☆彡
Sweet Sp!ce
Ending Einmal Prinzessin Sein
Episode Guide
Episode 02

Run my way!! Go sensation (Run my way!! Go センセーション Run my way!! Go sensation?) is the first episode of Aikatsu!: My Idol Story. In this episode, Anne meets the Starlight girls for the first time and performs for the first time.


The story plays after Ichigo returned from the USA to Japan. It focuses on a young girl who visited the town of Tokyo for the first time and hardly speaks any Japanese. The girl is waiting, together with a friend for the rain to stop until she met Kitaoji Sakura, a popular student of Starlight Academy. The two start talking and even end up sharing one umbrella. Remembering that her friend had problems to find a special place, she joked, saying that he could have just asked Hoshimiya Ichigo and she’d have showed him the straight way to it.

In that moment, Ichigo passed them. She was in such a hurry, she didn’t notice them, didn’t even hear that Anne, the girl, was calling her. Then suddenly some kids were listening to music and put the music on full volume. Anne couldn’t hold herself from dancing to the song, she was even about to sing but when she remembered, she was in public, she stopped immediately. Impressed by her dance, Ichigo approached her, wondering if she wanted to perform along with her. Anne can’t believe what Ichigo was saying but still accepted anyway.

Later, at the concert hall, Todo Yurika explains Anne how the creating of cards worked. For that, Yurika showed her a special Card-Making-Machine, which is used rarely and is only used now because Anne had no idol cards and needed a good school coord. With the machine, Anne created her own school dress, the Buttercup Stage Coord. Then it was time for the performance and the song they would perform, was Sweet Sp!ce. While Anne had no problems with the singing part, she made some minor and major dancing mistakes. Anyway, the audience, including Starlight idols and staff, was pretty impressed by the performance.

As Anne was even able to perform a Special Appeal, Ichigo later invited her to have more concerts with her. And not only that, the headmistress of the Starlight School even invited Anne to join the Starlight School. As Anne had much fun during the performance, she accepted.

Appearing Characters

Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • The episode title was taken from Sweet Sp!ce's lyrics.


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