Gakushū katsu! Doitsugo, eigo, nihongo ressun!
Episode 03
Episode Information
Kanji 学習かつ!ドイツ語、英語、日本語レッスン!
Romaji Study-katsu! German, English, Japanese Lesson!
Air date June 11th, 2016
Opening Spotlight
Insert Song Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)
Ending Einmal Prinzessin Sein
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Gakushū katsu! Doitsugo, eigo, nihongo ressun! (学習かつ!ドイツ語、英語、日本語レッスン! Study-katsu! German, English, Japanese Lesson!?) is the third episode of Aikatsu!: My Idol Story. In this episode, Anne has to prove that she is good enough to be an Aikatsu Idol and Starlight student.


The girls meet at Anne's dorm. It is already long after the lessons. They all brought snacks and some learn material. It was only one reason why they met up: The new idol still had quite problems with Japanese Language. So they used this evening and the following in order to teach her Japanese. In return, she helped them to improve their English, especially Ichigo's.

Some days passed and Anne started to understand Japanese much easier than before. Even the teachers helped them to improve her language after some time. She even got the offer to participate some kind of Idol Talkshow. There, she was referred as International Idol (国際アイドル Kokusai Aidoru?) for the first time.

At the end of the episode, Anne prepared herself for her first single performance. She didn't chose the song and performed in her basic school dress. A long with other Starlight girls, she performed Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock) to prove that she had a right to be at Starlight Academy. At the end, she was 'promoted' to be a real Aikatsu Idol now.

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