Watashi no Daiyamondo Happī♪
Episode 04
Episode Information
Kanji 私のダイヤモンドハッピー♪
Romaji My Diamond Happy♪
Air date June 18th, 2016
Opening Spotlight
Insert Song Diamond Happy
Ending Einmal Prinzessin Sein
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Episode 03
Episode 05

Watashi no Daiyamondo Happī♪ (私のダイヤモンドハッピー♪ My Diamond Happy♪?) is the fourth episode of Aikatsu!: My Idol Story.


It has been a long day for Powapowa-Puririn and they had company by the international idol. On the trip with Powa², Anne has realized how small she is compared to Otome and the others. Maybe not in height but sure as an idol. Otome is the current Starlight Queen after all...

Later, she asked Shion how it feels to have so many fans. Telling her that it might be hard sometimes but its always good to know that someone is there to cheer on you, Shion gets a sudden call, that she has to come to an urgent photo shoot right now. But that would crash today's Powa² concert.

After Kaede rejected, telling them that she has a live her own today, Sakura asked Anne to take Shion's place today. Though she was unsure about it at first, she then accepted, knowing there are people out there who might be sad when Powa² doesn't perform. However, she asked them to perform another song today than usual... Diamond Happy.

Appearing Characters

Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the first Aikatsu episode, where none of the main three (Ichigo, Aoi and Ran) appear.


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