Mysterious Wonderland (ミステリアスワンダーランド) is a cool type brand introduced in Aikatsu: Galaxy!. It makes the user look "eerie but cute." Its main user is Alice Kuroba, the top designer is Valerie, and the brand's special appeal is Midnight Garden.


The brand started out as an aristocrat lolita brand, and was designed by an apprentice of Maya Yumekoji. When Maya brought back Victorian-style clothes for girls from a trip to England, his apprentice instantly fell in love with the clothes and reshaped his brand's image to match the clothes sweet but eerie feeling they gave off.


Giving off a "sweet" but "creepy" vibe to the idols who select a coord from this brand for their concert: That is the purpose of the Mysterious Wonderland brand. Giving an eerie color pallatte, but mixing it with lots of frills and lace, we hope that this brand will give whoever sees it chills in a most peculiar way.

Known Users

Top Designer

With the severe hopes of catching up to everyone else, Alice accepts the challenge that everyone who wants to have a premium rare dress must face: Alice must make it through the woods on foot to get to the cabin where the top designer is waiting. The top designer of the brand is a woman named Valerie, who is the great-granddaughter of the apprentice who started the brand all those years ago. While she is a kind woman, some may be intimidated by her because of her eyes.


Sweet Mystery

Madeline and Alice team up for the Sweet Mysterious Fashion Show and wear this brand, with Alice wearing the Good Dreams Coord and Madeline wearing the Sweet Dreams Coord, and the two deliver a successful show.

Mercury's Silence

Wanting to receive the brand's Planetary premium rare, Alice takes on the challenge of wandering through the forest alone to reach the designer's cottage. After a few hours, Alice does reach the cottage, and learns the designer had actually expected her to come get the premium rare, because even though this is only Alice's first premium rare, she had seen Alice's passion for the brand at the Sweet Mysteries Fashion Show, which had inspired Valerie to create the Mercury Premium dress for Alice.