Mystery Rose Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (Anime)The Moon Rises
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
UserMadeline Sycamore
Mystery Rose Coord (ミステリーローズコーデ Misuterī Rōzu Kōde) is a rare sexy type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Mystery Rose Camisole

A magenta camisole with frilly black sleeves. Comes with a light pink choker that has a circular purple gem in the middle. The center of the camisole has an outline of three roses, which is done in a glittery golden design.

Mystery Rose Skirt

A skirt consisting of four frilled layers. The top is black, and is covered in magenta roses. Then, there is a layer of dark pink. There is then another layer of black, which is covered in grape purple roses, and to finish the skirt off it returns to its final magenta layer.

Mystery Rose Sandals

Golden sandals that have roses on the strap. The right foot has a magenta rose on the strap, while the left one has a grape purple rose.

Pink Rose Hair Corsage

Three roses of alternating size; one large raspberry, a medium rose in pale pink, and a smaller rose in violet.