Nami Aoyama
波 青山
Nami Aoyama
SeasonAikatsu: Idol Festival!
Birthday DateAugust 29th
Hair ColorDark blue
Eye Colororange-red
Home PlaceSapporro, Japan
Idol Info
AuraBlue waves and golden sparkles
BrandDance Fusion
SchoolPolaris Academy
Nami Aoyama (波 青山) is a cool type idol who uses the brand Dance Fusion. She is in the unit Polaris30, and the leader of the Cool Group.


Nami is a very relaxed, quiet, and calm idol. Because of her relaxed but optimistic outlook on life, she was admired by many of her underclassmen. As she got more and more idol work, her fans though that she was destined to one day become the top idol of Polaris Academy. This sparked a sudden fan war between Nami's fans and fans of Miho Homura. This fan war only became worse when Madeline transferred to the school, as it gave more people way into the "my idol is the best" fan war.

Despite their fans hating each other, Nami and Miho became friends, playing off each other's personalities and joking about their fan war.


Nami has knee-length dark blue wavy hair, and orange red eyes. She is also very tall.


  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • She likes to dance, and wants to learn how to ballroom dance someday
  • Her favorite food is watermelon
  • Her least favorite food is lemon
  • Blood type: A