Naomi (なおみ?) is a minor idol of Aikatsu ☀ shining over heaven and part of the popular idol group TwiN☆StarS. Naomi is a young idol, who once attended an idol school, but left the school a few years ago.


Idol Academy

Twin Stars

After leaving school


Naomi is pretty short and as pink hair. Except for the small ponytail, her hair is pretty short. The poytail however, reaches to her shoulders. She has green eyes. She is usually seen in her Purple Star Union Uniform.


  • Sayaka: Naomi's best friend and unit partner.


  • Naomi's idol colors are lavender and purple.
  • Naomi is a name with different meanings:
    • The biblical name comes from "pleasantness".
    • The Japanese name could mean "honest beauty" (直美?).
  • Naomi and Sayaka are the only Aikatsu! idols whose last names are unknown.

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