Natural Strawberry Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 5
Natural Strawberry Coord (ナチュラルストロベリーコーデ) is a normal cute type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Natural Strawberry Top

A red top with a white polka dot pattern. Two strawberries are sewn to a pink bow. Layers of green and pink semi-pleat material make up the hem, and a chain of pearls wraps around the top of the stomach. For the right arm is a pearl bracelet, which has a single strawberry charm and a few small green leaves.

Natural Strawberry Skirt

A bright red skirt with a white polka-dot print. Below the waistband is a pearl chain. On the skirt at each corner is a pink bow with pale pink lace. A strawberry, leaf, and pearl accessory is sewn to the center with a single, oval-shaped stone hanging from it. The second layer of skirt is lilac semi-pleat on top of a matching colored petticoat.

Natural Strawberry Booties

Pale pink booties with magenta lace, and a small chain of golden pearls connecting to a strawberry charm hanging from it.

Natural Strawberry Headband

A very thin green headband to resemble a vine with tiny white and pink flowers. On the side is a pink and white striped ribbon tied into a double bow with two three strawberries accenting it.