Neon Style Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 5: Let's Autograph-katsu!
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Naomi Inoue
Neon Style Coord (ニーオンスタイルコーデ Nīon Sutairu Kōde) is a normal coord by the cool brand Glam Glitter.


Neon Style One-piece

A two-piece gown composed of a white tube top lined in silver with a strip of neon blue gradient tracing the chest. Over this is an opened, neon blue jacket with the same silver lining and two gradient lines of light blue to dark blue, with the same coloring lining the two bottom petals on each side of the jacket and sleeves. At the corner of the left side of the chest is a shiny, dark blue star. The skirt is white with silver details all over it. On each side of the skirt is a neon blue gradient section with pale silver designs all over them. Comes with white gloves with black sleeves, each lined with one thin, light blue line and one thin, neon blue line. The glove has a black thumb, index finger, and pinkie finger. Around the neck is a light blue choker.

Neon Style Boots

Neon blue boots with a black bottom and heel. There are five straps attached by five pale silver buckles, while the cuff is dark blue and silver with a pattern on it, lined in light blue with two rows of light blue string at the center.