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Nishimura Ayame

Nishimura Ayame
SeasonLove Live! Mirai!
Home PlaceHizashi
DebutChapter 1: The Beginning of Our Very Future!
Idol Info
SchoolMekurumeku All Girls Academy
 Nishimura Ayame is one of the main characters in Love Live! Mirai!. She is a 17 year old second year attending Mekurumeku All Girls Academy. Her theme color is light orange.

General Information


Physical Appearance

Hobbies and Activities



Other Character Info

Character Introduction
Hello, I’m Nishimura Ayame. It’s nice to meet you♪

W-was that too formal for your likings or something?! You’re giving me that weird face…
Anyways, I’m a third year at Mekurumeku Academy.
Okay, fine, Mekurumeku All Girls Academy. Whatever. I’m part of the school’s writing group, where, you know, people write stuff. What else do you expect…?
At first, I was not in the mood for sparkly, girly idol world. I mean, that’s definitely not me at all… But then, I thought about the school, and all of the memories, and how I wanted to share those memories… What, too sentimental or something?! Geez… So, I decided to join the group. Besides, now I can brag that I’m the planner in the popular [] group♪ So I guess there’s something good about this idol thing.
Well, I hope you continue to support us, please♡



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