Nishino Rinka
西野 凛花
Nishino Rinka
SeasonAikatsu!: My Idol Story
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Home PlaceJapan
DebutPart 01

Nishino Rinka is a minor character of Aikatsu!: My Idol Story and the Top Designer of the cool brand Western Sunset.


Rinka is currently the Top Designer of the cool brand Western Sunset. During her teens, Rinka used to be an idol long before she started designing her own dresses and became a top designer. Besides her idol brand, she has also created a brand for 'normal' clothes, which everyone can wear. During her idol days, she was called Miraculous Sunset (奇跡の夕日 Kiseki no yūhi?).


Nishino (西野?) - Nishi (西?) means "west" in Japanese and No (?) means "field". However, if "No" is written with the hiragana の, her name means "western", a reference to her brand, Western Sunset.

Rinka (凛花?) - Rin (?) means "cold" in Japanese and Ka (?) means "flower".




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