Soleil Userbox Picture New Nono Daichi is free to be improved for expanding or adding your fan series!
Nono Daichi
Daichi Nono
SeasonAikatsu! - Akari Gen
Age13 -14
Birthday DateJanuary 10
Hair ColorSandy-blonde
Eye ColorPink and purple
SeiyuuKotori Koiwai
Singing VoiceMiho from AIKATSU☆STARS!
Idol Info
AuraWhite pearls and coral red stars
BrandDolly Devil
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordRouge Parade Coord

Nono Daichi is a new Starlight Academy idol. She made her debut in season 4 of Aikatsu!. Nono is a sexy-typed idol, while her favorite brand is Dolly Devil.

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