Nori Chiura
チウラ 儀
SeasonAikatsu! 5
Birthday DateFebruary 27th
Hair ColorLavender
Eye ColorGreen
Idol Info
AuraGreen and purple pixelated stars
BrandFuturing Girl
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordPear Parade Coord
Nori Chiura is a first year student who attends Starlight Academy. She is a cool type idol who uses the brand Futuring Girl.


Nori has short, lavender hair that is styled in a boyish cut. She is usually seen wearing the Starlight Academy Uniform. When she wears casual clothes, she usually wears what would be considered winter colors like black, gray and dark blue. Her eyes are a light green.


Nori is a very smart girl who her parents originally wanted to become a lawyer, but they did agree to her idea of her applying to Starlight Academy and becoming an idol instead. Due to her getting all the questions right on her written test, she passed the exam and became a member of the Starlight Academy Student Body.


Nori first wanted to become an idol when she saw one on TV and wanted to have fun like she was having. When she got home that afternoon, she expressed her interest in auditioning for Starlight Academy, which her parents agreed to. Because she got every question right on the written exam after studying the Aikatsu System, she was quickly accepted into the Starlight Academy student body.


Nori (儀) means law, refrencing her parents desire for her to become a lawyer

Chiura means wisdom.


Tsukiko admires her because of her knowledge and her passion when it comes to Aikatsu. She especially admires that Nori knows everything they need in order to pass an audition, especially when it comes to image girl auditions and the like.

The two don't speak to each other often due to being in different classes and because of their highly differing personalities, but they are still acquaintances.


  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Blood Type:
  • Favorite Food:
  • Least Favorite Food
  • Special Talents: