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Photokatsu Akari

Ozora Akari is the main idol of the thrid season of Aikatsu! and is a big fan of Hoshimiya Ichigo. She is a cute-typed idol and uses Dreamy Crown as her primary brand.


Aikatsu! B&W

In Aikatsu! B&W, Akari is still a member of Luminas and helps Izumi and Saki with their dream of becoming idols. She told the two to join the Lucky Chance Audition that allows young girls to become students of Starlight Academy. Later in the third episode, she wants to help Izumi and Saki to find their sync again.

Star☆Anis Shine!

In Episode 1, Akari is approached by Ichigo and asked if she wanted to join the temporary unit Star☆Anis Shine!, To which she very happily accepts.

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