Passionate Fire (パッシオナテフィレ Passhionate Fire) (also stylized as "PaSsIoNaTe FiRe") is a pop-typed/sexy-typed brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is also Gekijou Nakamura's private brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by Gekijou Nakamura herself. Its main user is Gekijou Nakamura. The designer of the brand is Sweet-chan. The brand's special appeal is called Fiery Passion Flash.


Passionate Fire is a brand founded in Tokyo, Japan. It is designed to make the user feel hot, energetic, and passionate.


Passionate Fire was made after Gekijou was crowned the Star Queen. Sweet-chan was very proud of Gekijou and due to her muse winning the Star Queen Cup, she decided to make a private brand just for her muse as a reward. Sweet-chan was inspired to make the brand after Gekijou's energetic and passionate personality. She was also inspired by her muse's nickname "The Unstoppable Fire".

Brand Concept

Passionate Fire is designed for Gekijou Nakamura who is known as The Unstoppable Fire. With motifs of fire, sparks, and fireworks, it features bright and vivid colors to fit the brand's energetic image. Be energetic and lively! Show your passion! With Passionate Fire, you can be unstoppable!

Known User

Top Designer

The top designer is Sweet-chan. She loves making coords for Passionate Fire. Gekijou is her muse for this brand and Sweet-chan is always uses Gekijou for inspiration.



Known Coords

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