Passionate Scorpio Coord
BrandSunset Blossom
RarityPremium Rare
Passionate Scorpio Coord (情熱的な蠍座コーデ) is Sunset Blossom's constellation premium rare coord. This coord is Shizuka's second system premium dress and her second premium rare dress over all.


Passionate Scorpio Corset

A bright red corset with two dark red laces in the center, which cross to form an x shape. At the top, on top of a layer of white ruffled silk, it has a magenta rose brooch which is surrounded by two golden leaves on the sides. Comes with a double string golden necklace with four red rubies, two on each string.

Passionate Scorpio Skirt

A bright red long bell skirt. The top of the skirt is decorated with a sparkly white ruffled layer, with the edges of the ruffles facing downwards. The skirt is covered in gold chains, which are decorated with rubies and magenta butterfly charms. The skirt comes with a single, thick gold anklet that is decorated with several small rubies.

Passionate Scorpio Heels

Red high heels with a single magenta rose surrounded by dark green leaves on each toe, and the sole being decorated with a thin band of gold. Going up the leg is a set of intricately designed, golden circle chains with circular rubies inside of some of the holes the circles create.

Passionate Scorpio Tiara

A golden tiara, decorated with a single large diamond-cut red ruby and two magenta butterflies which both face towards the ruby. Comes with chain earrings featuring a chain of red, pink, and purple roses. The wings are shaped like rose petals. The wings are decorated with golden lace and magenta and purple gems.