The Pastel Pink Parade Coord (パステルピンクパレードコーデ?) is the school dress used by Yozora Mikan in Aikatsu! B&W.



Pastel Pink Top

A two-piece top composed of a light pink tank top with a single layer of white ruffles attached to the bottom. Up the center is a row of big gold buttons. On top of this shirt is a pastel pink tank top lined in gold with a single button on each side of the chest. Pale pink ruffles are attached to the shoulder section, and depicted on the bottom right corner is a pink star. At the center of the chest is a pastel pink bow with pink lines all over it and a gold star at the center. Comes with a pink choker and a pair of white gloves.

Pastel Pink Skirt

The skirt is composed of pastel pink, pink and white lines all over it. In the bottom right corner are pleats of dark blue, while on the top are pleats of white with a single gold line. Under the skirt are pale pink ruffles, while the band is pink with gold lining. Attached to the side of the band is a gold button with a big star and fringe hanging from it.

Pastel Pink Sneakers

Pink sneakers with dark pink heel and bottom. The toe is white, while the string laces are hot pink. At the cuff is a section of pastel pink material. Comes with white stockings with two strips of color near the top, one very dark blue and the other pink.

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