Peacock's Charm (ピーコックスチャーム Pīkokkusu Chāmu) is a sexy-typed brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is also Miryoku Fujihana's favorite brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by peacocks and the colors of their feathers. Its main users are Miryoku Fujihana and Misaki Ikeda. The top designer is Barbara Maki. Its special appeal is Charming Flash.


Peacock's Charm is a nature-based brand that was founded in France and Japan. It is designed to make the user look like a peacock and feel its beauty and charm.


Barbara Maki had "designer's block" because she could not think of any new designs. So, as a change of pace, she decided to go to zoos in France and Japan for inspiration. As she was walking around the zoos and looking at the animals, she took pictures of them. The one particular animal she was interested in was the peacock. When she took pictures of the peacocks, she was fascinated by them as she observed them. The male peacock's bright, colorful feathers and the female's muted, dull feathers gave her an idea for a brand. She decided to name her newly created brand "Peacock's Charm" due to being charmed by the birds' beauty.

Brand Concept

Inside of every girl, there lies the beauty and charm of the peacock. The Peacock's Charm brand will reveal the charm and beauty that lies within you. This brand shows the inner beauty of idols with motifs of peacock feathers and their colors. Let the world see your true inner beauty and charm with this brand.

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Barbara Maki, but her real name is Barbara Fay. She used to be a designer of elite brands that were only for top models in France. She soon stayed in Japan, being charmed by the country. She tends to speak formally and can come off as intimidating, but is actually caring, gentle, and patient due to willing to go at her client's pace. She has a high regard for idols who have inner and outer beauty and charm like Miryoku Fujihana.



Known Coords


  • The brand's mascot is Chérie Peacock.

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