Pearl Poseidon Coord
BrandStar Princess
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (DCD)Unknown
First Appearance (Anime)Unknown
The Pearl Poseidon Coord (パールポセイドンコーデ Pāru Poseidon Kōde) is a premium rare design by the sexy brand Star Princess. Its first appearances in the anime and DCD are currently unknown.


Pearl Poseidon Shirt

A light green off-the-shoulder shirt that has a white frilly front and sleeves with the hem of the shirt tying into a bow. At the lower left corner, there is a pink seashell. Comes with white arm warmers decorated with a single pink pearl.

Pearl Poseidon Skirt

A skirt of two layers with a belt made of pink pearls, and in the centre of the belt is a larger and darker pink pearl. The top layer of the skirt is light green, and the bottom layer is a ruffled white petticoat with blue wave designs on it.

Pearl Poseidon Shoes

Dark green sandals with blue wave platform bottom. A light green ribbon with a pink pearl is tied over the foot. Comes with light green ribbons tying around the ankle.

Pearl Poseidon Tiara

A forehead tiara that is made of pink pearls, and in the centre of the tiara is a larger and darker pink pearl. The earrings consist dark pink pearls dangling from smaller and lighter pink pearls. Comes with a pair of green and blue gradient feathery wings.




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