Pink Angel Coord (ピンクエンジェルコーデ) is a normal cute type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.

Pink Angel Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 1


Pink Angel Shirt 

A pale pink shirt with hot pink strings in the middle, forming an x. Above that there is a large pale pink section of the shirt. The sleeves are feathers and are an even paler shade of pink, which matches the top of the shirt.

Pink Angel Skirt 

A pink, frilly skirt with multiple wing-like frills coming out of the bottom, and two circular bubblegum pink patches on the two sides of the skirt.

Pink Angel Pumps

Pink pumps with a single magenta, diamond shaped jewel on each toe, with the jewel being outlined in white. On the side of the shoes are small light pink wings. The heels of the shoes are slightly darker, almost a light plum-dark raspberry.

Angel Pink Ribbon

A pastel pink heart with a light center, lined by a row of small pearls. Attached to it are two light pink angel wings.