Pink Galaxy Coord
First Appearance (Anime)TBA
First Appearance (DCD)Promotional
User(s)Madeline Sycamore
Pink Galaxy Coord (ピンクギャラクシーコーデ Pinku Gyarakushī Kōde) is Madeline Sycamore's basic school coord in Aikatsu: Galaxy!.


Pink Galaxy Top

A light pink, long sleeved top that has three mint green ribbons going down the center of it. There is a small section of magenta ruffles at the end of each sleeve. Worn with a necklace with a mint green stone at the center.

Pink Galaxy Skirt

A pale pink skirt that features a mint green plaid pattern and white lining at the bottom. The skirt's thick waist band is mint green and features a large mint green four point star on the right side.

Pink Galaxy Flats

Pale pink flats, each topped with a small white ribbon, one on each toe.

Pink Galaxy Tiara

A bubblegum pink tiara. At the very top is a big bright mint green diamond.


Madeline Pink Galaxy Coord