Pinky Frill Coord
Debut (DCD)Part 4
Pinky Frill Coord (ピンキーフリルコーデ) is a rare, cute type coord from the brand Crystal Queen. It makes a cameo appearance in episode 7 of Aikatsu: Galaxy!


Pinky Frill Dress

A French rose dress composed of a blouse styled top  and a split-style skirt. The top has a thin and slightly abstract golden heart at the center. Attached to each strap is a puffed white sleeve with a ruffled cuff. Around the waist is a belt lined by two gold lines with a large, sugar pink bow sewn to the right of hip. The bow is lined in white frills. The left of the belt is decorated with three drooping chains of white pearls. The skirt is split down the center, with the right pleated with two gold lines tracing the hem, and the left is a sugar pink ruffle in four layers. Comes with a bubblegum pink choker with a rose quartz gem on it. The collar is lined in white ruffles.

Pinky Frill Boots

Tall bubblegum pink boots that have white laces going up the center, are dark raspberry on both sides, and are decorated with small plum-white gradient flowers on the raspberry parts of the boots. The heels are metallic plum.

Pinky Frill Ribbon

A French rose ribbon with gold lines going across it, and the sides being lined in white frills. One side of the bow is connected to the other with two pearl chains, the first one being shorter than the second. Comes with two small plum blossom stud earrings.