Polaris Office New Members Election (ポラリスオフィス新メンバー選出) (often times shortened to simply the New Members Election) is an election in which fans can vote for their favorite high school third year of the eligible students, to have an extended contract and work with the Polaris Office.

The 30 idols with the most votes are signed to Polaris Office, along with the office's major unit, Polaris30, with the top idol being crowned the year's Diamond Girl, and the leader of the Polaris30. The election is held during the Japanese graduation season. (typically sometime during the final week in April.) The event is held in the Sapparo Dome.

It takes place in the last episode of Aikatsu: Galaxy!.


To be eligible to enter, the idol must be a third year high school student, attending Polaris Academy by the day the nomination process starts. The idol also must register for the New Members election. If they do not, they will not be considered for the New Members Election.


42nd Annual Polaris Office New Members Election

Diamond Girl: Madeline Sycamore


The transcript for the 42nd New Members election is here


  • As it is the 42nd Annual by the end of Aikatsu: Galaxy, the office is only slightly younger than the school itself, which is 47.
  • The event is similar to the AKB48 senbatsu election, as well as Shooting Star Academy's Ace Star Idol Selection.

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