Polaris Queen Parade Coord
ポラリスクイーン パレードコーデ
First Appearance (DCD)Part 3
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 17: The Idol Princess Madeline Sycamore has Arrived!
User(s)Madeline Sycamore
Polaris Queen Parade Coord (ポラリスクイーン パレードコーデ Porarisu Kuīn Parēdo Kōde) is a normal, cute type brandless coord. It is Madeline Sycamore's Aikatsu! Passion Stars collaboration coord.


Polaris Queen Parade Blouse

A light pink blouse with three small heart-shaped buttons, two light green and a white one, with the white one in the middle and the mint green ones above and below.

Polaris Queen Parade Skirt

A pleat skirt composed of light pink and white material lined in light green. At each lower corner of the flaps is dark blue coloring. The bottom of the skirt has mint green ruffles.

Polaris Queen Parade Shoes

Small light pink heels that have small hearts in the center, a mint green heart on the right shoe and a white heart on the left shoe.They are worn with white socks that have frilled garter-like segments around the ankles.

Polaris Queen Accessory

Two large hearts, one mint green and the other white, touching each other at the bottom tip. The two hearts are on top of a large but thin mint green ribbon.