Precious Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 6
Precious Coord (プレシャスコーデ) is a rare sexy type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Precious Top

A sleeveless teal to cerulean gradient top. The collar is decorated with alternating pink and cyan beads. At the bottom it is split in two for a short time, with each flap having a large golden heart on it, and the split being indicated by a gold outline. Under the flaps, there is a basic aqua top.

Precious Skirt

A knee-length teal skirt, with a pattern of sky blue and pink beads begging at about the calf, and going upwards in a curved pattern from there until it reaches the band of the skirt, which is peacock blue in color. Golden sparkles also decorate on everywhere except for the band of the skirt.

Precious Shoes

Tiffany blue flats decorated with two roses in purple on the sides of the tongue, along with a fuchsia rose on the center of the tongue, and below them are three alternating diamonds in pink, blue, pink in that order. The heel of the shoes is sapphire blue.

Purple Rose Hairpiece 

A bunch of three roses in different shades of purple.