Pretty Rythm: Shiny Style
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Pretty Rythm: Shiny Style is a series written by SingMeloetta, and is her first Pretty Rythm-based series. The themes of the series are the Lolita fashions of Japan and expressing your self.


Kiriena is an up-and-coming Prism Star who is simply seen by the public eye as a quickly rising Prism Star. However, she has one secret advantage over anyone else; She is a messenger from the Prism World. With her new friends by her side, and new friends to come, can she change the world of Prism Shows and become a legendary Prism Star, before having to go back to her home in the Prism World?


  • Kireina
  • Color: Pastel Pink
  • Type: Feminine
  • Lolita: Hime Lolita
  • Mascot: Himeru

Kireina is a very graceful but kind of spacey girl, who people have given the nickname "The Ballerina of the Ice". She loves frills, stars, and all other things with a classic girly vibe, but doesn't really like it when it's over the top. She is able to do many Prism Jumps and being able to easily coordinate outfits for both her and her teammates.

  • Saki Koyanagi
  • Color: Green
  • Type: Ethnic
  • Lolita: Wa Lolita
  • Mascot: Wacho

Saki is a very old fashioned girl, being called Edel Rose's local yamato nadeshiko. She likes floral patterns with a traditional touch, and is one of the first to keep Madeline out of her spacy imagination, and is also one of the first to discover Akihiko's "plans" for her.

  • Risa Nomura
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Lovely
  • Lolita: Country Lolita
  • Mascot: Contri

Risa is a country girl who originally grew up in Hokkaido like Madeline, but grew up in the much quieter subprefecture of Rumoi. Living in an extremely small town, she knew the name of every person living in the city, and adjusting to the hustle and bustle of both Harajuku and Prism Shows themselves was quite a struggle for her.

  • Hotaru Fuyutsuki
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Type: Cool
  • Lolita: Gothic Lolita

Hotaru is a very elegant and graceful girl who gives off a slightly eerie vibe, but she dosn't mind that. She loves to please her fans in whatwever way possible, but there's one way that she hasn't been able to master yet: being called (or atleast, getting used to being called) cute.

  • Aya Iromaru
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Type: Pop
  • Lolita: Deco Lolita

Aya wants to be a fashion designer one day, and is working on her own prism stones, and usually gives them as a gift to her freinds. But, even though she has exactly what it takes to be a fashion designer, does she have what it takes to be a successful Prism Star?