Pretty Rythm: Perfect Style
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Pretty Rythm: Perfect Style (プリティリズム:パーフェクトスタイル) is a Pretty Rythm-based fandom created by SingMeloetta.


Madeline Sycamore: A famous Prism Star, she is the main character of the series, and her current goal is to master all of the Style Cups and become the Prism Style Queen. She, along with Shauna Bellamy, is a member of the Prism Show unit Diamond, which she also is the leader of. Her main Prism Stone type is Classic.

Shauna Bellamy: One of Madeline's Prism Show partners, she is also one of her unit-mates in the unit Diamond. Her main Prism Stone element is Feminine. She and Madeline are very close to one another have been friends ever since Madeline moved to her home town about 3 years before the beginning of the series.

Cerise Roux: Madeline's other Prism Show partner, she just recently moved into the town next to Madeline and Shauna's, and wants to become a popular Prism Star just like them. When they see that she has what it takes to fuffill her dream, they let her join as the third member of their Prism Show unit. Her main Prism Stone element is Sporty.

Prism Stone Changes

In this series, most types of Prism Stones have either combined with one another or simply had a name change.

  • The Star element has been replaced and became the Classic Element. Classic Stones are black in color. The symbol for this element is a golden eighth note.
  • Feminine stones have become pink, and Lovely and Feminine stones have merged into one element.
  • Pop Stones are now Sporty Stones. The Sporty symbol is a banner of blue, yellow, green, red, and black lines.
  • A new Prism Stone Element called Basic is introduced. The stones are yellow in color, and the symbol is a pink circle.