The Punky Kitty Cat Coord (パンキーキティカットコーデ?) is a pop coord created by the designer of Spooky Pumpkin and is also part of Spooky Pumpink's coord collection. It appear in Aikatsu! B&W.


Punky Kitty Cat Top

A strapless red colored top that ends over her hips and splits up in three parts at the end. It also includes red bracelets that have ribbons attached for both arms. And a chocker around the user's neck with a ribbon at the back and a bell attacked to it.

Punky Kitty Cat Skirt

A black skirt with a dark red belt that was many golden bells attached to it. On the side of the skirt, "Kitty" has been written in bright pink color. There is also a white layer of ruffles at the end of the skirt and a black colored cat tail with a red bow at the end of the tail. On the bow is a golden ribbon.

Punky Kitty Cat Boots

Black boots with stockings that are striped in the two colors; red and black. The stockings reach over the user's knees.

Punky Kitty Ear Accessory

A pair of black cat ears.

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