Purple Moon Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Purple Moon Coord (パープルムーンコーデ Pāpuru Mūn Kōde) is a sexy type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Purple Moon Top

A amethyst purple top with an outline of a crescent moon on the right hand side, and a small ruby in the hole of the moon. The hem of the shirt is a thick stripe of pastel blue. Comes with a triple-string collar necklace of white pearls.

Purple Moon Skirt

A long amethyst purple skirt with rows of white pearls strung across it. In the top corner of the skirt, there is a moon design identical to the one found in the right hand corner of the shirt. On the band of the skirt, a ruby is in between two elegant golden line designs. On the hem is another stripe of pastel blue, similar to the one found on the top.

Purple Moon Booties

Lavender booties with the same moon emblem featured on the rest of the coord on the flaps. The heels of the shoes are grape purple. There is a single small magenta rose with two dark green leaves on both sides. on the toe of each of the shoes.