Radiant Rose Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Radiant Rose Coord (ラディアントローズコーデ) is a normal, cute type Crystal Queen coord that is a promotional set.


Radiant Rose Jacket

A shiny pink tank top which is worn under a striped pink and salmon jacket. The chest is decorated with a shiny magenta rose and two green leaves, one on each side.

Pink Checked Skinnies

White skinny jeans with a salmon pink checked pattern going down them.

Radiant Rose Loafers

Dusty rose loafers decorated with a small magenta rose in the center of a slightly lighter-colored ribbon on the right side of the foot.

Mint Lace Headband

A pale mint lace headband with a lace bow on the side, attached to a pale peach flower with pale mint ribbon hanging from it. Included are pale peach-pink beaded dangles attached to a tiny bow hanging above a single pale pink diamond.


  • As the brand has a half-french user and a designer who has a history in France, the "Rose" in the coord's name could either be implying the roses used to decorate the coord, or the coord's pink color in general, as the French word for pink is "rose"