Rine-tan and Friends: Imaginary Adventures (りねたんたち:イマジナリーアドベンチャーアズ Rine-tan-tachi: Imajinarī Adobenchāazu), shortened to Rine-tan and Friends (りねたんたち Rine-tan-tachi), is a well-known kids show appearing in Global Stars. The show is about infant to toddler aged animals having imaginary adventures and having fun together.

Appearing Characters

  • Rine-tan (りねたん Rine-tan) - Rine-tan is an energetic, cheerful girl who is the leader type and likes to create imaginary adventures for her and her friends; she usually ends her sentences with either "~deshu" or "~ta yo". She is self-conscious of her gap between her front teeth and her lisp; her lisp causes her to say "ta" instead of "da", "deshu" instead of "desu", etc. During the show, she becomes less self-conscious about her lisp and her teeth. She is voiced by Cosette Bennett under the name of Koneko.
  • Tokapi (トカピ Tokapi) - Tokapi is a shy, kind boy who is the second-in-command of the group and he likes to help Rine-tan with ideas for their imaginary adventures. He has a stutter and ends most of his sentences with "~domori". During the show, he overcomes his shyness and stutter, but still stutters when startled, flustered, or angered. He is voiced by Masato Ishikawa under the name of Tokadomo.
  • Kyurin (きゅりん Kyurin) - Kyurin is an easily excited girl who goes along with anything that Rine-tan and/or Tokapi suggests, but she is also open to others' suggestions yet never suggests anything herself. She loves to play pretend and thinks that she is better than the others at it. During the show, she acts less pompous and shares her suggestions more often. She is voiced by Hanako Asahina under the name of Hanchan.
  • Gi-kun (ギーくん Gī-kun) - Gi-kun is an energetic boy who likes to be active and likes to play with active toys. Despite being annoyed at times by his younger twin brother Ro-kun, they care about each other. He is voiced by Haruto Jitou under the name of Hajipi.
  • Ro-kun (ローくん Rō-kun) - Ro-kun is a cheerful boy who likes to follow the others around, but also likes to play video games. Despite being stubborn when his older twin brother Gi-kun tries to tell him to do something he does not want to do, they care about each other. He is voiced by Sora Saitou under the name of Sorai.
  • Meoto-tan (めおとたん Meoto-tan) - Meoto-tan is a kind, soft-spoken girl who likes to have tea parties, but is willing to join in on her friends' imaginary adventures. She likes pretending to be princess and is a daydreamer. She also cries over the slightest thing. During the show, she stops crying over everything. She is voiced by Kimiko Akemi under the name of Hime-tan.




  • Rine-tan and Friends is based on Baby Looney Tunes, Muppet Babies, and Hamtaro.
  • The show is not only popular with kids, parents, and critics, it is also popular with teenagers and adults.

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