The Rising Star Cup (ライジングスターカップ Raijingu Sutā Kappu) a competition that is a yearly tradition in Shooting Star Academy. It is a tournament cup where first year middle school students compete against each other.

Known Participants

Rules and Requirements

Only first year middle school students are allowed to participate. There are three rounds in the Rising Star Cup. The first round is the Introduction and Endurance Round which is divided into two parts. The first part has the idols creating and showing their special introductions, and the second part has the idols climb a wall, cross a balance beam, race around the track, and jump a jump rope for as long as they can. The idols may use any coord they want for the first part of the first round. The second round is the Rhythm Round which involves the idols dancing to a set song with the idols dancing to the arrows and testing their rhythm. The third and final round is the Appeal Round in which the participants perform as many appeals as they can. To level the field, the idols use their school dress cards during the second round, but any coord may be used during the third round and the tiebreaker round. To determine if an idol moves on to the next round or wins the tournament, the voltage meter will be used. The voltage meter has three zones: green for good, yellow for neutral, and red for bad. If there is a tie, the idols can do a tiebreaker performance and the live audience as well as the viewers watching from home will be able to cast votes to break the tie in order to decide the winner. The winner will get a gold trophy and will spend the day with a top idol and/or top idol group of their choice and be the manager for that day.



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