Rose Parade Coord
UserTsukiko Kanzaki
First AppearanceToday, a New Sensation is being Born

The Rose Parade Coord (ローズパレードコーRōzu Parēdo Kōde) is Tsukiko Kanzaki's basic school coord for the 2016-2017 school year. This was her first set of Aikatsu cards before she began to use Majestic Tiara.


Rose Parade Top

A dark red top with pale ruffles going over the chest, down the front, and the sleeves themselves. At the bottom, there is a white frilly section, matching that at the top of the chest.

Rose Parade Skirt

A dark red skirt composed of check material. at the bottom, there is a layer of frilly white material, with a thin line of golden thread in the center of it.

Rose Parade Flats

Dark red flats lined in yellow, with the bottom of the shoes also being gold. On the top of each toe are two white pearls.