Royal Blue Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 1
Royal Blue Coord (ロイヤルブルーコーデ) is a cute normal coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Royal Blue Top

A midnight blue blouse with a large medium blue ribbon at the neck. Polaris Academy's emblem is sewn on the right side of the chest.

Royal Blue Skirt

A royal blue pleated skirt. The pleats are teal. On the side are three stars, one yellow and two sky-blue. The waistband is royal blue.

Black Bijoux Sandals

Black closed toe sandals with a silver bottom. The foot insert is decorated with a fancy silver ornament. The bottom of the heel is black.

Emblem Hair Accessory

A hair pin shaped like a badge, lined in gold with dark blue and red coloring. In the center is a hot pink section lined in white and gold depicting a small golden crown on top of the word SCHOOL. On the upper corner is a fuchsia and white striped bow. Comes with gold dangle earrings attached to a single star with a piece of fuchsia and white ribbon hanging beneath it.