Royal Celebrity Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode ???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
User(s)Azami Nakamura

Royal Celebrity Coord (ロイヤルシレブリッティーコーデ Roiyaru Shireburittī Kōde) is a normal, sexy type coord made by the brand Beautiful Shine.


Royal Celebrity Tube Top

A carmine tube top lined with lavender tulle on top of the chest, gold netting on the top half of the chest, a thin gold band, and a piece of shiny silver material. At the center of the chest is a diamond on a gold base, with four emeralds surrounding it. Comes with two gold bracelets beneath the left shoulder, a silver necklace with a sapphire surrounded by two small amethysts, and a pair of white elbow-high evening gloves. On each wrist is a silver and gold wrist piece with indigo designs and blue ruffled lining.

Royal Celebrity Skirt

A carmine skirt with the bottom lined in silver to match the belt, which is colored a gradient of indigo. Hanging from the side of the belt is a diamond on a gold base. A indigo mesh design is on the skirt with a few shapes formed into flowers, along with eight crystals shaped like a flower on each side of the skirt with a tiny gold piece in the center. The skirt is split down the center to reveal a shorter, shiny lavender skirt with glitter.

Royal Celebrity Boots

Gradient shiny boots that start out carmine on top and fade to lavender along the foot. The boot is lined in gold, while the foot piece is mauve to match the tulle sticking out of the top and the string going up the center of each boot. On top is a diamond on a silver base surrounded by two amethyst gems.

Royal Celebrity Fedora

A carmine fedora with a lavender bow that has silver stripes.