Royal Cosmopolitan Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)???
User(s)Azami Nakamura
Royal Cosmopolitan Coord (ロイヤルコズモポリタンコーデ Roiyaru Kozumoporitan Kōde) is a premium rare coord by the sexy brand Beautiful Shine.


Royal Cosmopolitan Fur Bolero

A dark indigo to light indigo gradient top with a faint rose design in the material. Lining the bottom is pale indigo lace with tiny pieces of matching material lining the upper chest, along with a row of gems surrounding a clear diamond. Over this is a fluffy light gray bolero jacket. A silver and gold star is sewn to the left side of the chest with a green stone in the center. Comes with a dark lavender-colored bracelet lined in silver with a large indigo stone on it, along with a gold necklace with a crimson rose ornament. It also comes with pale indigo matinee gloves that have light gray ruffles on them.

Royal Cosmopolitan Skirt

A two layered skirt with the bottom layer being a dull indigo layer covered with blue laced roses, and the top layer being in an indigo to pale indigo shimmering gradient with lavender pink frills at its edge, and at each curve, there is a mulberry rose attached to it, with some dark blue and gold beads lining horizontally on top of them.

Royal Cosmopolitan Pumps

Lavender pink pumps with a tiny light gray dot pattern and dark gray heels. On each strap is a mulberry rose and below them is a pearl chain. Comes with light gray sheer stockings with a light gray lace cuff.

Royal Cosmopolitan Mini Hat

A hat with split coloring. The top part is light gray while the rim is indigo. A thick lavender pink and dark gray striped ribbon ties around the middle into a bow.