Royal Tea Time Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
RarityPremium Rare
UserMadeline Sycamore
Debut (DCD)TBA
Debut (Anime)TBA
Royal Tea Time Coord (ロイヤルティータイムコーデ Roiyaru Tī Taimu Kōde) is a premium rare cute type coord from the brand Crystal Queen, created for the Worldwide System as a part of Aikatsu! Greatest Stars.


Royal Tea Time Blouse

A sleeveless blouse that is cream yellow on the sides and a paler color in the middle. In the middle, there is a collection of white and pink roses sewn to the middle. On the back of the neck, there is a small white fur cape, that just barely reaches past the elbows.

Royal Tea Time Skirt

A three layer skirt. The first layer is pale rose, and has hot pink roses, which are connected by lime green vines, going around it. The second layer is a pale cream color and covered with roses in pink and white. The third layer is more cream colored fabric trimmed with a thick band of white fur.

Royal Tea Time Shoes

Slippers that are pale rose, and are decorated with a single pale cream rose on each foot. The heel is magenta. Comes with long white socks which are decorated with dark green vines and small pale rose flowers going up the vines.

Royal Tea Time Crown

A pale pink crown attached to a pale pink headband, which is decorated with white diamonds. The crown is lined with thick gold bands, and has a small white rose ornament on the top.