Ruby Vampire Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
RarityCampaign Rare
Debut (DCD)Part 1
Ruby Vampire Coord (ルビーヴァンパイアコーデ) is a sexy-type campaign rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen. It is apart of the 2016 Aikatsu! Halloween Collection.


Ruby Vampire Bustier

A dark raspberry vest worn over top of a midnight blue bustier, which is reminiscent of a ruffled blouse. On the bustier's collar, there is a navy blue ribbon with an oval ruby lined in sliver at the top. Comes with a dark blue and violet frilly choker. For each arm is a frilly dark blue and violet cuff accessory, lined with small white pearls.

Ruby Vampire Skirt

A pointy-lined dark raspberry skirt that eventually starts to fade into a white gradient along the middle. The band is lined with oval cut rubies encrusted with a fancy gold pattern, which is surrounded on both sides by two midnight blue bands.

Ruby Vampire Pumps

Black pumps worn with knee-length gray socks that have black spider web patterns going all the way up the socks. The pumps themselves are decorated with a bright red ruby lined in gold.

Ruby Vampire Headband

A thick black headband with a magenta ruby bat attached to the right side, with the bat being encrusted with small white diamonds.