Ruri Chiba
Birthday DateOctober 21
Hair ColorLavendar
Eye ColorCobalt blue
Home PlaceKyoto, Japan (formerly)

Sapparro, Japan (currently)

Singing VoiceYuna from Star Anis
Idol Info
Auralanterns and cherry blossoms
BrandSakurairo Kaden
SchoolPolaris Academy (currently) Himezakura Private Girls' Academy (formerly)
School CoordGreen Galaxy Coord
Ruri Chiba (千葉 瑠璃) is a student of Polaris Academy, and was formerly a student of Himezakura Private Girls' Academy. She is a sexy type idol whose preferred brand is Sakurairo Kaden. She, along with Keiko Kanemaru, is a member of the duo unit Cherry Candy.



Ruri is very relaxed and calm, and is very cautious with her work, with this becoming especially apparent to her after moving from the always quiet and collected image that Himezakura Academy maintains, to the happy and passionate atmosphere of Polaris Academy. She is very caring when it comes to her family, in fact, the whole reason why she transferred was because her parents had moved to Hokkaido, and she wanted to make sure that she could still afford to visit them over the holidays.


Ruri has long lavender hair that she wears in a single ponytail which goes down to her waist. She has cobalt blue eyes, and is slightly tall for her age. She is usually seen wearing the Polaris Academy uniform for the season, but in flashbacks is usually shown wearing Himezakura's winter uniform. Outside of school, she is seen wearing natural colors, and nothing too flashy.


Fresh and Happy♪

A few weeks after settling into Polaris Academy, the Partners Cup was due to start. As she was still considered new to the school, she still didn't have very many freinds, so at first she wasn't set on entering. This all changed when she was finally noticed by Keiko, who asked to form a unit with her. At first, said unit; which went by the name Cherry Candy, existed only for the purpose of the Partners Cup. Afterwards, the two members of the unit had bonded with each other so much that they decided to make the unit a permanent unit.


Her closest friend at the academy and her unit mate in Cherry Candy. The combination of Ruri's calmness and Keiko's energy gave them the nickname "Amafuwa 2.0" after their "successors" in Amafuwa Nadeshiko.


Ruri (瑠璃) means lapis lazuli. It is an old Japanese custom to name children after precious stones to wield off evil spirits. With the use of this tradition, it may be a reference to her brand, the Japanese-based Sakurairo Kaden.

Chiba (千葉) means a thousand leaves. This is a reference to her green image color.


  • Sign: Libra
  • Favorite Food: Cherries
  • Disliked Food: Meat (So much so in fact, that she's a vegetarian.)
  • Blood Type: B