Stage One: My Very Own Dream
Episode #01
Episode Information
Kanji Stage One: 私の夢
Romaji Stage One: Watashi no Yume
Air date 2015/06/24
Opening 12 Byou
Ending N/A
Episode Guide
Stage One: My very own Dream is the first episode of AKB0048 ~ Dream Stage.


  • Bokutachi no Sekai
  • Answear
  • 12 Byou
  • Thank You (Instrumental)


The episodes starts with an explination about AKB0048, before changing to Miku, who is going to school. She is listening to music - To 12 Byou - while walking on a street next to the beach. Some of her class mates are waving on the other side, she joins them. Together, they go to school.
The school is rushed though, playing 12 Byou while it. The scene ends with Miku, leaving the school. her phone vibrates, a classmate send her a message - AKB0048 has opened new audditions.
Again, the scene skips. Now, all other four main characters are shown, seeing the message over the new audditions, saying the words "I am comming."


  • First (and not last) time to don't show the usual opening/ending animation.

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