I remember when this revival idea first popped into my head: when Aoi, Ran and I were looking up at the stars from a hill, the highest hill on Starlight's campus. "Hey, Aoi, remember STAR☆ANIS?" My blue haired best friend looked at me puzzled. "Ichigo, of course I do, I was in the unit. Why do you ask?" "I want to get that unit back together." Aoi and Ran both looked at me and smiled "OK, we accept." I grinned. "This is going to be something special!" STAR☆ANIS was a go... almost.

The next morning, we decided to announce our new big project to our friends, most of our fellow members from STAR☆ANIS. "Ichigo's idea is so Love you-desu!" Otome hugged Ichigo, nearly turning her blue in the process "Yurika-sama will not not support your campaign. However, you foolish Ichigo, should be aware of one problem.

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