Sayaka (さやか?) is a minor idol of Aikatsu ☀ shining over heaven and part of the popular idol group TwiN☆StarS. Sayaka is a young idol, who once attended an idol school, but left the school a few years ago.


Idol Academy

Twin Stars

After leaving school


Sayaka is a bit taller than Naomi and has long, dark brown hair. She has brownish yellow colored eyes and is usually seen in her Black Star Union Uniform.


  • Naomi: Sayaka's best friend and unit partner.


  • Her name Sayaka has different meanings:
    • So it could mean "bright" (鞘か).
    • It could also mean "clear" (清か).
  • Naomi and Sayaka are the only Aikatsu! idols whose last names are unknown.

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