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Secret Muse (シークレットミューズ Shīkurettomyūzu) is a cool-type brand in Idol Storm. The current muse is Honoka Aizawa.


An elegant, glamorous sexy-type brand. Secret Muse dresses are sexy but elegant and brings the inner beauty that nobody has ever since to the idols who wear it. With silk like shine, elegant colors, glittering jewels and their iconic roses, this dress will resounds your secret shine upon the stage!

Known Users


  • Andante Minuet Dress
  • Kreutzer Dress
  • Fortissimo Waltz Dress
  • Moonlight Sonata Dress
  • Crescendo Symphony Dress


On August 17, 2017 this brand name and concept was announced along with their muse, Honoka Aizawa.


  • The dress names are based on classical music songs or glossary.
  • This is a cool-type brand