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Seira Otoshiro Phokatsu

Seira Otoshiro (音城セイラ Otoshiro Seira?) is a cool typed idol of Aikatsu!. Seira is a student of Dream Academy, who uses the rocking brand Swing Rock. Seira is a good friend and rival of Ichigo Hoshimiya and part of the unit 2wingS.

Prior to becoming an idol, Seira used to play in a rock band and used to play the guitar. Seira became an idol in order to stand on stage without being tied to an instrument. In the past, she had always sung for her sister Noeru, who would always cheer up when hearing Seira's songs. Seira made her first debut as an idol while wearing a constellation dress and performing the first ever known constellation appeal.


Aikatsu Dive!

Seira does have a minor appearance in Aikatsu Dive!. She and Ichigo have a special appearance in episode 16, which celebrates the 25th anniversary since 2wingS was formed in 2014. Seira and Ichigo get to perform their song Shining☆Days together.

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