Sexy Chou

Sekushī Chō

SeriesGlobal Stars
StatusActive from November 17th 2015
LeaderAnna Lee
Idol RankingRookie Idols

Sexy Chou is a group from the series Global Stars, and it's member are all from World Arts Academy Tokyo.



Unit Information


  • Anna Lee, 15 (America), leader of Sexy Chou. Image Color: Mint Green
  • Hibiki Okudan, 15 (Japan), center of Sexy Chou. Image Color: Dark Blue
  • Hye Yun, 15 (South Korea). Image Color: Magenta
  • Carmen Castro, 15 (Spain). Image Color: Silver
  • Cecilia Arena, 14 (Argentina). Image Color: Orange


  • I My Me Mine (4Minute Cover)


  • Due to the group's name, all members are older than the main band Global Shinedust, so they seem sexy and elegant, which made them felt like a butterfly (Chou's English translation)
  • They are one of the known units to have members get a SS in the entrance audition.
  • They are the rivals of Global Shinedust, due to their aggressive personality against them.

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