Shinju Mizushima
Mizushima Shinju
SeasonAikatsu! 5
Birthday DateJune 16
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorBlue
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Summer Magic
AuraBlue bubbles with yellow shells inside
BrandTropic Bubbles
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordBlueberry Parade Coord
Shinju Mizushima is a first year middle school student that attends Starlight Academy. She is a pop type idol who uses the brand Tropic Bubbles.


Shinju has two large bright green pigtails and bright blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but when she's out in public she usually wears summer clothes, or if it's to cold outside, wears clothes with summer patterns on them.


Most of the time, Shinju is a go with the flow type and bubbly of girl. However, when something upsets her, she doesn't keep her emotions bottled up. She enjoys striving for the top with her friends, as it gives her people to stand by her and cheer on, which she loves to do.


Shinju was a variety show idol in her childhood, and still is to this day so she's not being afraid of getting messy or dirty, so she is rather popular in that regard. She transferred into Starlight Academy in order to do other idol activities (such as lives and modeling) as well.


Shinju ( 心中) means pearl, referring to her ocean thematic

Mizushima (水島) means water island, also refferring to her ocean thematic.

All together, her name means "pearl water island".


She and Kokoro met and became good friends when they both had work on the same variety show one day. The two get along well, Shinju offering her advice and knowledge on variety shows when she dosen't now what's going on.


  • Sign: Gemini
  • Favorite Food: Watermelon
  • Blood type: B

Her special talent is posing.