Karen Iwata the 12th
12代目 岩田 華怜
12-deime Iwata Karen
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday DateUnknown
Home PlaceAkibastar
SeiyuuSayuri Seto
Idol Info
Alter egoChiyo Shiraki
UnitAKB0048, Team A
Chiyo Shiraki is one of current members of AKB0048. As an Idol, she is known as Karen Iwata the 12th. She is a member of Team A and is their captain.

Personality & Appearance

Karen has short light brown hair and silver eyes. She is quiet pale and has, like all the other 0048-members, heart-shaped sparkles in her hair and in her eyes.

Karen is known for her love for anime and manga and she is even called encyclopedia about those. Her quote 'I love anime at least three times more then food' (which was made when she first placed in the elections) is still known.


Not much is known about Karen's actual past, only that she was one of the front powers in the war of freedom. Some other things which are known about her are that she was active in an forum about AKB0048 and that she was born on Akibastar. She won the last General Elections.